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Why we shoot Miami boudoir photography

Located 5 Minutes from  secluded Dania Beach 


Our story

You can't get more intimate than a husband and wife photo team, right?  

Basy and I want to give everyday woman an opportunity to document their feminine journey. Women deserve more than selfies and quick digitals. Photography creates your legacy and looks back on your life journey through all of its phases.

The Intimate Studio creates artist iconic images.  Goodbye digitals--we want to get real. Our aesthetic is dreamy and romantic. Add a pinch of classicism and vintage nostalgia. With my (Julie) background running multiple business ventures and Basy's iconic international photography, The Intimate Studio was created. 

Our backgrounds are the perfect artistic match. I work with clients through the entire photography experience from the initial phone call to final photo selections. Basy handles everything photography--lighting, posing and direction. We are both on all shoots, as well as our pro makeup team, and work together to help clients have a fun and comfortable photo shoot. 

This is us 



Julie serial entrepreneur, interior designer, artist and all-around-creative. She was the previous owner of a fashion linger subscription box, worked as a creative color and decorative art specialist and continues to lead an interior design company base in the midwest.

She is a mother, an army veteran and loves helping women rediscover themselves and find courage they may have forgotten about. 

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Basy is an Internationally published fashion photographer including international fashion magazines DMAG, Catalog, Las Rosas, Mustique, Playboy, Regia, Vogue Italia, Soho and more.

He has worked in Bogota, Buenos Aries, Paris, New York City and now Miami. 

Basy  is an eternal dreamer and he believes in his personal philosophy, the aesthetics of error.  Where each surprise is simply a stop along the way to aesthetically recomposition its way of telling stories.




The Intimate Experience

From discovery call to picking out your perfect outfit to professional hair and makeup to full image reveal, check out what a photo session is really like.


Hair and  Makeup 

Ready to feel glamorous? Every shoot includes professional styling and natural makeup to match our dreamy romantic aesthetic. 


The Shoot  

Our photo shoots generally include 3-4 looks and last around 2.5 hours. Julie and Basy both assist the entire time with posing and styling. 

Ready to take a look at your photos? Our image reveals are often same day of our photoshoot.

Sit back, relax and view your images on the big screen. Pick your favorites to be part of your album, folio or wall art collection. 

The Reveal

Professional Hair + Makeup Application 

In her own words 

In her own words 

In her own words 

In her own words 

In her own words 

Let's Chat!
Image by Irina Iriser

In her own words 

Well Behaved Women

Seldom Make History.


"Basy brings a softer, feminine and more graceful touch to the images-- that is rare to see! He will show you the beauty within yourself! Basy is going to capture moments that not a lot of photographers can. " - M.


 Private portfolio viewing by request

In her own words 

Want to get started? 

The Intimate Studio always books two to six months in advance.

Please book early as sessions are limited. 

Miami + South Beach + Ft. Lauderdale + Palm Beach 

Sessions are held at our studio + on location by request 


The Session 

Preshoot Consultation ​

Posing + Flow Coaching

Style & Wardrobe Session 

Pro Makeup Application 

Pro Hair Styling

Personalized Photo Reveal 

Mimosas Mocktails and Munchies

Three to four wardrobe changes

2.5 Hour Photo Shoot with Julie + Basy

Personalized Reveal and Ordering Session **

The Intimate Experience


Albums, Folio Boxes and Wall Art Purchased Separately 

**Session does not include photos or images

Must be purchased separately. 

Session fee covers all of the above amenities and is nonrefundable

Your inner Aphrodite deserves it, doesn't she?


Our mission 

We want women to embrace their beauty through fine art prints and albums; goodbye to endless digitals and selfies.  


Fierce, forward thinking intellectual women who rock romantic  seduction from the inside out always have a story to tell.


We want to document the everyday women in her journey through the art of photography. 

Our clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages. They share a love of  independence, confidence, and well....lots of things. Perhaps, it’s simply the idea of living life confidently with a bit of sex appeal and femininity--for ourselves. 

The Intimate Studio's goal is to deliver a professional photo experience beyond just digitals that will leave our clients delighted and wanting to come back for more.  

(Once is never enough around here).

xoxo julie + basy



I would definitely recommend women of different body types, Basy has a special talent in bringing out each individuals unique characteristics that usually are not brought in front of the camera.


Basy is going to capture moments that not a lot of photographers can. 


Basy is going to first make you feel very comfortable--he brings a softer, feminine and more graceful touch to the images that is rare to see.


The Intimate Studio will show you the beauty already within yourself!



I know a lot of women have trepidation when going into projects like this. You want beautiful pictures taken of you but you might be a little nervous. That was not an issue with this team today. My hair is amazing, my makeup is amazing, I feel beautiful! 


The experience today makes you feel like Aphrodite, like Venus, like your in a renaissance painting! What women doesn’t want to feel like that?!


They will make you feel beautiful—but not JUST beautiful. Like one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. You will feel like art, I can’t say it better than it. I can’t recommend this team to have your photos taken. It is one of the most incredible experiences you will have as a woman. It great day!!! 



Today I had at the amazing pleasure of working with Basilio today. Right when I walked in he had an amazing creative vision we were able to explore.


It was so nice to work with someone who makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful.


I had an amazing day with him and so happy I finally had a chance to work with Basy and the studio. 



If you are nervous about being in a vulnerable state, and you have been holding back from doing something like this, I really encourage you to consider an intimate shoot. 

It was so incredibly freeing. 


There is a lot of judgement in our society, but thing is—with this shoot and the team. They made me feel so comfortable and how the images were instantly coming out from camera…it was just so beautiful. 


It’s not even about being sexy and naked. It’s about being beautiful and embracing your body and  femininity. Embracing yourself and loving yourself. Doing something for you! You can look back in ten, twenty, thirty years and say, “That was me, look at me…look at how good I looked!”.



All your boudoir

questions answered ...


Everyone is nervous during an intimate shoot. That is expected and normal. We specialize in coaching and posing guidance. Basy is an award winning international fashion photographer---he knows how to direct, coach and offer you guidance. In fact, you may even do the poses himself (and that will make us all laugh!)  It's going to be so much fun! 



All our sessions happen right in our home studio, in 2 miles from the beach in Hollywood Lakes Florida.  We actually shoot commercial and fashion editorial sessions in the same spot! We have tons of props, pro photo equipment and sets available for your use including our private boudoir room and photography studio. We have full backdrops and our hidden secret---and our bohemian outdoor set in our private patio. 

The space gives us ultimate privacy and comfort. Sounds like a fantastic day, doesn't it?!

Some clients prefer hotel shoots or require us to travel to unique locations. Just ask us if it is a possibility. We are excited to shoot with you!   


Never. No Way. Only if you want to! 

In fact, we capture lots of photos with our clients fully clothed. From lingerie, fishnets, and lace robes to partially, implied or fully nude. Boudoir is always shot in your comfort zone. Jeans and a sweater can be sexy as hell! 


Bringing a friend or family member always shifts the mood. ​Absolutely have someone join you 

 for your hair and makeup session, clothing consult and styling and even to sip a glass of wine  and help you relax pre shoot.


During the shoot, only the photographer (Basy), and female staff are allowed in the studio room or space. You will shoot with Basy and Julie as well as our make up artist at all times. It allows the  photographer  to connect and for you to relax, but we will always have our Julie our experience director or other female assistant at the shoot. 

Friends and family are great, but it can cause a disruption to the flow of the session---and can actually decrease the level of confidence in our clients. 

The studio is  a quick drive over the bridge to the beach full of restaurants, day spas and boutiques. Your guests are welcome to join you once the session is completed in about 3  hours and have input in the photo review session. Your guest can also relax on our out door patio + courtyard, it's a fabulous space. 


Yes. professional hair and makeup will add a finishing touch to your photos and is included in your session fee. We require clients to use our professional makeup and hair stylists so our photography style is consistent.  It absolutely will add the final touch to your photos. Please look at the aesthetic of  our photography and the natural style we shoot in for our makeup and hair ideas. 


Yes. The more the merrier. We will review items in a pre shoot consultation that is completed in person or over video and create looks paired with our sets. Our base package is two looks with additional outfits that can be added on. We will also guide you on styling and where to purchase items to complete your look.  However---a little goes a long way. We have some client wardrobe items such as vintage lingerie and kimonos we offer to clients. 


All photos are 100%  private unless you allow us to share them---even if you do not purchase the photos. 

We do not share or tag you on social media. We do work with influencers and models who use our photos as part of their online presence and portfolio---these clients have requested to be tagged and photos to be shared.Women such as teachers, executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and others, who wish to remain anonymous, always will.

We never break this rule. #pinkyswear


We almost always book 2 - 3 months in advance. We have limited spots available. Advance booking and even prepayment processes are available so your purchase is ready to go by your deadline. Interested in payment plans? Send us a message and we will explain how you can receive your album and photos within 1 - 2 weeks of shooting. Please remember it always takes 10-14 days to receive your album or other purchases, but rush orders are possible.  

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We want to get real. 

GoodBye Digitals

Real Photographic images on archival quality paper that will last one hundred + years. Create your legacy. You deserve it. 

Fine Art Prints 

Folio Boxes

Heirloom Albums

*okay---we know you still want some digitals to show off all that glamour. Your digital image is always included  with any product purchased.