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So exited to get to know you...

julie h.
experience director

Documenting your journey

through intimate portraiture


Everyone who comes into our studio has a story of why they want to have an intimate shoot. Every women is her own unique universe and I love. I love helping women through the experience of a photo shoot from the first phone call to the final reveal. At the end, we really have become friends and shared some fabulous moments. 

Learn more about how an intimate session works during a discovery call---it's a fabulous opportunity to answer all of your questions and for us to learn about the type of images you are looking for. 

The 15-minute call can be completed by video chat or phone.  Please follow the instructions on the next page to schedule your call.


Don't forget to check your email inbox---a welcome packet will be waiting for you!



julie H. 

Julie H. | The Intimate Studio Experience Director 





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