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Our 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir

Most women have never been intimately photographed. The unknown is scary, right? When talking to women we tend to hear many of the same questions. We decided to put together a list of our top 12 questions to help you learn all about a boudoir experience.

What if I am nervous?

I don’t know how to pose and I have never done anything like this.

Even the most experienced models have a case of the nerves before a shoot, if you can believe it! We shoot with everyday people and we shoot with models for major fashion campaigns.

Everyone is nervous and has some self doubt--we are all human, right?

I have seen the most experienced models feel unsure about a pose. I have seen a sixty-year-old woman who has never had a photo shoot in her entire life, rock a sexy confident look in front of the camera.

The key to being confident is preparation.

We work with you several weeks before the shoot leading up to the big day. From the initial phone conversation to meeting in person for your discovery consultation. You get to really know myself and Basy. We help guide you from day one.

From posing guidance, fashion styling to confidence building techniques---Intimate Studio is here to help you. We want your experience to be incredible. Read our post about why you deserve a boudoir shoot.

Will you help me pose?

Yes, yes and more yes!

Before the shoot, the studio will start sending you information with small posing tips and tricks. When we meet in person for your style consult, we will also discuss different poses to practice. We dig a bit deeper and often explain the why behind a pose.

  • Why hands are so critical in a photo?

  • How to create angles with your body

  • When to use our flow pose movements

Once you learn these posing tricks and why they work, you will keep them with you ANYTIME you pose in a photo again.

Here is a secret---these poses are actually confidence boosters. Once you know how to pose even just a little bit, you are more comfortable. And comfort equals confidence. You will rock this photo shoot!

And on a side note----Basy has fifteen years of experience directing, coaching and guiding women for photos. The fun parts of the shoot are when he actually poses himself. That always lightens the mood and adds a few laughs. And to be honest--he’s actually very good!

Is lingerie a requirement?

Not at all. A woman is sexy in a sweater, a kimono or even wrapped in soft lush fabric. There are many ways to look feminine and sexy without posing in lace panties or a garter belt. Sexy is about simple confidence.

The aesthetic at The Intimate Studio is designed to be timeless and classic, with a hint of feminine mystic and provocativeness. Our goal is to capture feminine looks that transcend time. Often, certain lingerie outfits and props will date a photo. Think Glamour Shots versus the Pirelli Calendar.

To help, we always review your selected outfits and ideas prior to our shoot. This is one of the most important parts of planning a shoot.

With Basy’s background in fashion photography, something as simple as a piece of fabric or a blanket can create an unbelievably sexy image. You have a true fashion expert with you to assist in styling during your intimate session.

Can I shoot at the beach?

Our sunrise beach sessions are spectacular and dreamy. Here is one of Victoria and as a surprise, her fiancé joined Basilio during the shoot and popped the question. It was a boudoir meets engagement session in one. What a moment!

Located 5 minutes from stunning Hollywood Beach between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, our studio is in an ideal location. We are also surrounded by five different parks within a five minute car ride.

Grab your coffee, beach sessions happen very early morning. Rise and shine, beautiful!

Makeup and hair must start around 6 a.m.--generally the style is very light and natural. The studio must be set up at the beach a bit after seven to catch first light---it’s absolutely stunning.

Seeing the sun rise over the ocean is beautiful.

Why shoot so early? We shoot early morning for the best natural light. There are less people at the beach during early morning hours, and you will be more comfortable with few on lookers. Morning shoots ensure we don’t get any extras in the background of your photo.

Do I need to pose nude?

Never. No Way. Only if you want to!

In fact, the studio captures many photos with our clients fully clothed in nonprovactive poses. We want to pay tribute to femininity and a woman’s inner beauty as much as her outer beauty.

Fun fact - Did you know the 2016 Pirelli Calendar, one of the world’s most iconic calendars was photographed by Annie Leibovitz without one provocative pose in 2016?

Inner feminine strength can be captured in photography with out posing nude or even in lingerie.

But what if you want to pose nude? Let’s capture it in a way you are comfortable with.

We have brilliant portfolio of artistic fine art nudes, semi nudes and implied nudes we previously shot. These iconic images show artistic appreciation to form, composition and emotion. Ask to see our fine art nudes and we will share them with you in our digital download.

Can I bring a friend?

Bringing a friend always shifts the mood. It helps our clients relax, get comfortable and even laugh a bit. Friends and family are always welcome during our pre shoot consult.

On shoot day, friends and family are welcome during your hair and makeup session and as you get ready for your photo.

When it’s time for the camera, only the photographer (Basy) myself and makeupartist and stylist are allowed on set. You will shoot with Basy and a female assistant (99% of the time its me, julie) at all times. It allows our clients to relax, take a deep breath and connect with the camera.

Friends and family are great, but it can cause a disruption to the flow of the session. The studio is a quick drive over the bridge to the beach full of restaurants, day spas and boutiques. Your guests are welcome to join you once the session is completed in about 3 hours and have input in the photo review session, if it is same day.

How about hair and makeup?

I love when I get my hair and makeup professionally done---there is nothing better than feeling like a Queen on your shoot day. Pro makeup and styling are required and add a finishing touch to your photos. Our professional makeup artists are trained in techniques and cosmetic applications that will add that extra layer of fabulous.

It will take your photos from amazing to breathtaking. For photography style and consistency this is required, but you will not regret it.

And yes, lashes are included. ​

I don’t own any lingerie, now what?

For everything vintage lace, our main aesthetic at the intimate studio, our clients have found many lace options at and retro second hand shops. We also have a full list of our favorite lingerie shops we will send you after you book a shoot.

Fun Fact : I used to sell lingerie online and have a ton of resources on best looks for all sizes. From corsets to retro lingerie, I promise we can complete your look.

Do you post my photos on your website?

All photos are always kept private unless you allow us to share them online. This is your choice and there is never pressure to post or show off your looks, unless you want to. If you decide it’s okay for Intimate to share your photos, we will always have you sign a professional model release.

Part of the boudoir experience is creating confidence in your body. The photo shoot is an important part of that discovery process. Sometimes we aren’t ready to share our look with the world, and that’s okay with us. Other times, the photos are a gift to a special someone--and we don’t want to spoil that surprise. Mums the word.

We often work with influencers and models who use our photos as part of their online portfolio. These clients have specifically requested to be tagged in all content we create.

Anyone wanting to remain anonymous, always will. That is our promise and we do not break this rule.

What print products do you sell?

We offer luxury albums, fine art prints and folio boxes. The luxury albums come in different sizes and create an instant heirloom keepsake of your images.These pieces keepsakes that will keep your memories for years to come.

“I pull out my boudoir album every few months. Flipping through the pages and seeing my images boosts my confidence and reminds me of the beauty inside myself. You just can’t do that with digitals. I love sharing my album too---I am always pulling it out to show my girlfriends when they hear I did an intimate portrait session” --Francis. Learn more about Francis’s shoot here.

The album covers come in a variety of materials from leather to velvet. Our wall art is a statement piece. It can be framed in a variety of different ways to coordinate with the styling of your home. Small and discreet folio boxes are the perfect reminder of your day.

How about digitals?

Digitals come with every purchased print product---so it’s a freebie just for you. When you purchase one of our image packages, the digital file is absolutely yours. You will receive the digital files within 48 hours of your ordering session.

We add your digital images to a private online gallery---and only you have the password. You will be able to share them with family and friends.

What are your payment options?

The Intimate Studio has several payment options. When booking your shoot, we require 50% of your session fee to be paid to reserve a date. Two weeks prior to your shoot date, the final portion is due.

Need more time to pay for a session that is coming up? We can set up payment plans! Just ask and we can review all the different options with you.

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