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Empowerment is a Revolution

Elevated Empowerment; the unexpected side effect of a boudoir session

It’s not the photos that empower you, but they sure do help. Empowerment happens inside of you during your intimate shoot. It’s not the incredible makeup, hair and dreamy clothes. It’s not even the album or photos you received afterwards. It’s the feeling inside of you during a shoot. And that incredible feeling of strength doesn’t go away. That power you discover is all yours.

First, we believe in you.

It’s that simple. We know every women is beautiful.

(And that includes the very woman reading this blog post!).

During your experience with our team, all of our energy is focused on you. We see your beauty in a way you may have never even noticed. As photographers and artists, we have tremendous power to impact clients and contribute to their happiness during the photo session. This is the number #1 reason we shoot boudoir. I (julie) support you the entire time you are with us in the studio. As your experience director, my job is to make sure absolutely everything is to your satisfaction and comfort as we work together with Basilio and your professional makeup artist. Our goal is to find your inner light and make it shine. Ignite the feminine goddess elevate her fire and feminity. We see her and we want you to as well.

You got this, queen!

Step Inside of Yourself

During the shoot, you may find a moment you step inside of yourself. It’s when you really have a connection of peace, strength and the camera and you are one. It often happens during the very middle of a session. Your anxiety, worries and nerves have washed away. You feel comfortable. You are in the moment. And girl, when you are in the moment you are more powerful than any other time.

As you relax during the shoot, your empowerment comes. Your confidence flows. You feel your beauty ignite. It’s powerful. The more aware you are, the more beautiful you feel.

Here is a secret----the camera knows this. That’s why the first shots are always considered a warm up. Its those middle and last moments where we see you settle into your true self.

And seeing an empowered women find herself is the sexiest thing in the universe.

"If you are nervous about being in a vulnerable state, and you have been holding back from doing something like this, I really encourage you to consider an intimate shoot.

It was so incredibly freeing.

There is a lot of judgement in our society, but thing is—with this shoot and the team. They made me feel so comfortable and how the images were instantly coming out from camera…it was just so beautiful.

Empowerment is a Revolution

At the end of a shoot, three to five hours have passed. The woman who first walked through our door at the beginning of the day is long gone.Don’t try to find her darling, she’s not coming back.

We often say it’s not about the photos and it’s true---because most of our client’s haven’t even seen their photos yet.

“They will make you feel beautiful—but not JUST beautiful. Like one of the most beautiful women in the entire world. You will feel like art, I can’t say it better than it. I can’t recommend this team to have your photos taken. It is one of the most incredible experiences you will have as a woman. It great day!!! “ Lindsay Quote

Sometimes you just need to focus on you. See you at the studio!

Being photographed is an intimate experience. You feel vulnerable, raw and a little exposed, no pun intended. Every single woman who walks into your in home studio feels nervous. No matter if it’s her first shoot or her twentieth.

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