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The #1 reason we shoot boudoir (it's not for the photos).

The Transformation

Seeing a women transform and radiate inner strength is an incredible thing to witness. It's the #1 reason we shoot boudoir photography. You might be surprised, but the photos actually come second. It's not about the pictures at all, but they sure do help.

Many of our clients approach us extremely nervous, anxious and yes---scared.

Most have never experienced an intimate photo shoot---or maybe ANY type of photo shoot. But they have the courage to try it. Being 43, a mom and giant scar down my stomach from a car accident---I understand that feeling of not being enough.

"I will wait until I am more confident."

"I need to loose 10 more pounds and then I will be ready"

"I don't think I can do this. No way."

Yet, many women feel they are not enough. Not thin enough, not young enough and not perfect enough. We start the process with a simple phone conversation to answer questions. I love learning about our clients, answering any and all questions and making sure they are comfortable with Basy and I as their photo team. Forget texting, I like a real women to women conversation!

After chatting on the phone, most women become excited about their shoot day. In fact, most can't wait. Read our most asked boudoir photo shoot questions here.

Shoot Day

What happens on shoot day is solid gold. It's the good stuff. Some say magic. And why we love shooting boudoir photography.

When most women arrive at our home studio, they are nervous---I would be too! We make the environment as comfortable as possible. First up, makeup and hair, turn on some soft music and grab a cup of coffee. Shoots generally start at 8 a.m. Here what Lily said about arriving at our studio for her boudoir session.

Because we shoot in a home studio, think of it as going to your girlfriend's house. Most women instantly relax. We love this about our boutique style of shooting. Comfort is so important. We have a seperate professional studio room for our intimate sessions ---but the at home studio vibe makes it comforable. Most women who shoot with us say that our home studio is one of the main reason's they choose as a their photography team.

Once women are camera ready---it's time to shoot. First look always takes longer than than the others and we consider it a warm up. First looks are never the very best photos of the day. It's both the client and photographer learning to interact and the client becoming more comfortable.

As we progress to next looks---we see the transformation happening.

Yes there it is!

She looks more confident, laughing and radiating sexiness. It's the best feeling in the world to see. A woman feeling absolutely stunning and know she is beautiful.

By the end of our three to four hour shoot, everyone on set really has become friends. It's part of the reason we stay in touch with so many of our clients we photograph. Sharing an intimate photo shoot is a day of laughter, stories and experiences.

Basy's Story

For twenty years, I have traveled around the world photographing women. From Paris to Bogota and Buenos Aries to New York City-- and now Miami. Shooting different magazines, brands and campaigns brought me layers of experience in the photography industry.

But as an artist, I need my work to have more meaning.

Magazine covers are only around for a month or two. I've shoot Playboy and numerous international magaines, but those images have long been forgotten. When a fashion campaign ends, the images are tossed and never looked at again.

I wanted my work to have more meaning.

Photography is a document that creates memories and a legacy. When we document a women during an intimate session, we are not just taking beautiful photos. We are capturing her soul, empowering her and creating a legacy.

I feel incredible passion as an artist when capturing these moments and sharing them with my client.

My work is a language of empowerment, confidence and spirit. Every woman is a different universe. Capturing the essence of femininity is phenomenal thing. Helping a woman feel her inner power is even better.

Julie’s Story

I have always felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, can you believe that?! It is definitely not something that comes natural to me. So when I married a photographer---it challenged me as I knew photos were going to be a regular part of my life. That made me nervous.

Being married to Basy, I learned to see the magic in creativity come alive. Working with someone who photographs women beautifully and with such detail, with the utmost professionalism, inspired me.

He taught me to look beyond a typical boudoir shoot. He wanted to go deeper. Create iconic and timeless images of real women. That was beauty.

While we work with many models, entrepreneurs and commercial brands---why not bring this experience to the everyday woman?

Every woman has a story and an experience to share. In today’s society, it is difficult to sometimes feel beautiful as we are constantly held to an unattainable standards.

I know---I am exactly one of those women. As a forty something mom of a 20-year-old, I am that very women.

Creating a day of stunning portrait photography based on iconic concepts, and not typical boudoir, inspired me. Timeless images woman can look back on years later and say, “that was me!”.

But even more important, I love helping women fall absolutely in love with themselves. Every women deserves that.

Over time, I have not only become increasingly confident in front of the camera, I am always ready for my next shoot. Perks of being married to the photographer.

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