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Why Women Say No to Boudoir (and you shouldn't be one of them).

Today is the best day to shoot boudoir. There is never a better moment than the one you are in. Intimate photos document your life. Still, many women make excuses---and often, the excuses win.

“I don't want to do a boudoir shoot, but not right now.”

“First I need to lose some weight.”

“When I am more confident”

“Maybe twenty years ago I would have done this”

Losing Weight

Girl, you don’t need to lose one single pound. It’s about the right photographer and guidance. You will walk away from your boudoir shoot with the best photos of yourself and fabulous empowering experience. You don’t need to lose weight to look like a bombshell!

Every woman is beautiful right now, this day. From stunning professional hair and makeup, pro studio lighting, professional photography direction---you will walk away feeling glamorous.

We are never at the perfect weight, because it simply doesn’t exist. You are radiant just the way you are, and we can show you. Boudoir celebrates femininity and empowerment. The beauty and power of the female body in all of its forms. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to boudoir.

I don’t want anyone to see me!

You don’t have to show your photos to anyone. They are for your eyes only and you make the decision if they are shared. We take photographs of many executives, professionals and even celebrities---and those photos are never revealed.

Keeping your photos confidential is part of The Intimate Studio’s promise to you. We will never break this rule.

Some clients opt in and are okay with sharing photos on social media, website and marketing materials. We ask to use photos because it encourages others to have a similar amazing experience and often, many women want to share their pictures. Photos shared online, our website have always been approved by our clients. All clients who opt to share photos always sign a professional model release.

younger. They are real women with real life experience---and you can see their story in their eyes. We truly love working with these women as they know how to celebrate their life and femininity.

I don’t have anyone to give these photos to

The photos are for you and no one else. Not your husband, your boyfriend or anyone else. It’s about you. I used to think having a photo of myself in my home was a little odd. Who does that?

When I realized how powerful I looked in my own photos, I wanted to remind myself of that EVERY day. On my moody days, on my sweatpants comfy clothes day and on the days where everything just goes wrong. Having an image on my bedroom wall of me reminds me that I can do anything and I deserve the best!

Posing Nude is not for me

It doesn’t have to be. We do many intimate shoots where clients are fully clothed. Think cozy sweaters or oversized button up. Fabrics and blankets are so sexy when draped over the body. Implied nude posing is also an option. We only shoot in the style and posing you are comfortable with. It is never a requirement to pose nude, unless you want to.

Interested in seeing our fine art nude? Ask us to send you examples of our work. Most of our fine art nudes are more like a renaissance painting. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the beauty of the photography. We share our fine art nude examples upon request only.

I am too old

Never, ever. We shoot intimate portaits of women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and up. In fact, Basy and I are just wrappingg up a shoot with a stunning client who is older. She couldn’t wait to get into the studio. Take a look at her guest blog here---you will love her story.

To be honest, the women who photograph best and connect with the camera ARE older. Real looks from real women---you can see it in their eyes, their poses. Intimate portraits are for every age, there is always a story to tell.

Fear doesn’t have to be your story.

Once you conquer fear----you will find strength inside you to climb that next mountain. It’s incredibly empowering to do something one hundred percent outside of your comfort zone.


julie h. | intimate studio experience director

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