Sometimes talking to a real person is best, especially when it involves an intimate photo shoot. Get to know me, how I run the studio and all the details you ever wanted to know about boudoir. Really---ask me anything!

And I want to get to know you!

(if you want to share)

Have you experienced a photo shoot before? Why do you want to do a boudoir session? What are you nervous about? Are the photos a gift for someone or is this a gift for yourself? 

Phone sessions are about 15 minutes long and I will go over the entire process and answer your questions. 


Once you decide to move forward I will even send your our FREE guide on how to rock your shoot and look fabulous.


I generally like to book an exact time to talk so I am totally focused on our conversation. (Otherwise we start a solid game of  phone tag, yikes!) Once you complete the below form--you will have to my personal calendar to schedule your call. If you prefer to do a video call, please message me otherwise we will go with old school phone convo. :) 


Looking forward to getting to know you!